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The photo above requires some mathematics but it's also good for the environment. Most of these chemical drums are refillable, each 1000 ltr container is worth 50 twenty ltr drums and each 110 ltr Enviro-drum is worth 5.5 twenty ltr drums, that’s 5400 twenty ltr drums that have not gone into landfill. Because these chemical drums have an average life of 6 years per drum, this stack of drums, over a 6 year period will save 32,400 twenty litre drums from going into landfill. Now, that's something to think about!

The SCUD chemical transfer system was developed in 1997 when the first Envirodrums appeared. It was clear to me that Envirodrums were the way of the future. What was needed was a full proof metering system that was simple to install and even easier to use.

And so was born the SCUD chemical transfer system.

I had just returned from an 18-month overseas trip, I was driving a spray rig for Ninghan spraying in Beacon WA and was looking for something to keep me busy for the other half of the year. I built the first proto-type on one of Ninghan sprayings Spraymasters, which I took to the Dowerin field day in 1998. I was told that the unit needed a name so it could be marketed properly, I settled on the name SCUD. I got a good response from the farmers and the following year sold over sixty units into the Central Wheatbelt .

In 1999 I approached Sonic boomsprays to see if they would be interested in having the SCUD as an optional extra on their booms. They did and that year invited me to join them on their sites at the Dowerin, Newdegate and Mingenew field days.

In October 1999 Syltone agreed to distribute the SCUD through out the Eastern states and by January 2000 the SCUD was available to farmers and contractors in the eastern states.

Time Saver Industries or TSI Beacon is the name I gave to my business in 1998 . I still do contract spraying so each time I come up with a new idea it goes through a vigorous R&D test on my spray rigs while I'm spraying, that way I can guarantee if it's the SCUD it works.

The SCUD tank doubles as a flush tank. After all the chemical has gone through you rinse the SCUD tank with fresh water and fill it with clean water which can flush the boom after your last tank of the day.

The 150-litre SCUD tank enables large quantities of chemical to be transferred in a short time, which is ideal for chemical rates upwards of 1 ltr/ha

My main motivation for developing the SCUD chemical transfer system was to make filling the boomspray safer as this is where the boomspray operator is at most risk of chemical contamination.

Because I was contract spraying and constantly working with chemicals, I wanted to make the job as safe as I could. The SCUD made the job safer and could fill the boom in half the time.

Over the years I've witnessed some pretty ordinary chemical handling from farmers and contractors. Some people don't wear gloves or glasses and justify it buy saying, "I tend to get chemical everywhere so what's the point". The point is, If you introduce a safe system that doesn't spill chemical everywhere that person is more likely to wear gloves or glasses. I've witnessed this phenomenon on more than a few occasions and from my point of view it's very satisfying.

The SCUD allows the operator to fill the boomspray without spilling either chemical or water on the ground. This is an important point because one of the main sources of in-cab contamination can come from the operator's boots. However if the ground is dry and stays dry where you fill up, then the chances of in-cab contamination and fumes, is greatly reduced.

I've been contract spraying for fifteen years and plan to keep spraying for many more, knowing that with the SCUD my safety is in good hands.