Mobile SCUD

The Mobile SCUD offers all of the existing features of the SCUD in a neat compact unit on wheels. This allows the SCUD to move into a broad range of new markets such as Spray planes, Multi-machine Spray Contractors, Forestry, Horticulture and Viticulture.

The Mobile SCUD can measure and deliver small doses of chemical for small hand held/backpack sprayers and motorbikes, as well as deliver larger amounts of chemical (liquid or granule) to helicopters and spray planes. It's this versatility that has sought interest from the department of forestry in Queensland . They want one simple machine that can fill either a motorbike sprayer, backpack sprayer or helicopter sprayer in succession, quickly, cleanly and safely.

The Mobile SCUD allows for one simple filling system for farmers with two or more boomsprays or for farmers with the one fill up point. It's mobility and 100 ltr tank size makes it the ideal chemical transfer system for Ag Spray Planes, because it's on wheels it can be wheeled forward from the fill up point for faster filling and release.

The SCUD chemical transfer system has out performed and outlasted all other chemical transfer systems in the market. It's achieved this by being simple and versatile; the SCUD can be adapted to suit any spraying situation from a small boomspray to the largest self propelled machine. It can induct granules, mix granules and measure liquid chemical from Envirodrums or 20 ltr drums.

The SCUD is manufactured at Beacon in WA's Wheatbelt. Managing Director Pete Munns believes the Mobile SCUD is a vital tool in helping the SCUD chemical transfer system to continue to lead the market in WA and the rest of Australia.

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