The SCUD Groundsman


scud groundsman
SCUD's COO Pete Munns with Royal Sydney Golf Course’s Superintendant Steve Marsden.

The SCUD Groundsman has been designed specifically for Golf courses, Council Parks Depts, Wineries and Market Gardens.

It can transfer/mix liquid or granular chemical/fertiliser into the sprayer in a closed system increasing operator safety while reducing fill times by more than half.

With a 450 l/min pump, The Groundsman is capable of filling a 3000 ltr sprayer in 8 minutes. At a recent demonstration at Randwick Council the Groundsman filled a 250 ltr Sprayer in under two minutes without spilling a drop of water! No spillage means no operator contamination as well as greatly reducing the risk of environmental damage.

The Groundsman's mobility means it can be wheeled into place, fill the sprayer and then move onto the next job. Royal Sydney golf club use a biological product to control pests on the greens. Mixing the product used to be done by hand with a shovel and bucket in multiple batches. With The Groundsman they now pour the whole batch into the 150 ltr tank with hot water and The Groundsman mixes it up and batches it into the sprayers.

The groundsman introduces no pour chemical induction through the use of dry couplings (micro-matic fittings). This means chemical can be transferred from the drums into the sprayer in a closed system. The envirodrums (drum with Micromatic fitting) are reusable so when they are empty they are returned and refilled, this system saves thousands of plastic drums from ending up in landfill!

With quick fill times and less risk to the operator, the SCUD Groundsman is breaking new ground and raising the bar when it comes to OH&S standards. Councils and golf courses have found that using The Groundsman has increased the efficiency of their machines while reducing staff resources required to do the job.

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