Typical Set Up of SCUD Mixer

SCUD Suction Pump Set Up

This set up good for granule mixing for hard to mix granules. Bulk granule induction ok!! This set up enables closed system mixing between the SCUD tank and the pump.

scud suction pump setup

SCUD Venturi Set up

This set up is good for bulk granule induction and granule mixing.

scud venturi setup

Scud Chemical Mixer Set Up

The SCUD chemical metering unit is quick, clean and safe. The chemical is transferred from the Envirodrum to the boom tank in a closed system, which protects the operator from toxic fumes and chemical splashes.

The system consists of a calibrated tank (60ltr, 100ltr, 150ltr and 200ltr) with legs, a Sotera double diaphragm pump (40-50 ltrs/min), Micro-matic coupler and rinser, with 25mm & 20mm hose and fittings in a kit to fit most boomsprays.

A free standing unit is also available.

The system measures the chemical volume by reading the five litre graduations off the side of the tank. This means there is no flow meter, which eliminates all the associated problems of measuring chemicals through a flow meter, such as varying chemical viscosity and temperature. With the added peace of mind that you can physically see the amount of chemical being transferred and not just relying on a digital read-out.

The SCUD offers options to add to the existing systems such as the MaxVax granule induction by Venturi or the Waterfold granule mixer. The waterfold system is for granules that need to be mixed before delivery and the MaxVax is for delivering bulk granules (60kgs/min) into the spray tank to be agitated by the boom. The SCUD also offers a 20ltr drum washer and various sized tank outlets.

SCUD Suction pump set up 3-way tap

suction pump set up 3 way tap

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Set Up of SCUD Chemical Mixer System