The SCUD Spray Chaser

SCUD Spray Chaser Batching Tank

The SCUD Spray chaser batching tank is a fully integrated filling system for all types of sprayers. The main features that set the Spray chaser apart from other batching tanks is its flexibility to change the way it’s used to suit the seasons and its speed in filling itself at the start or end of the day. It has been designed to be as efficient in filling a sprayer with one person using it as two. This means that when seeding is on and staff are short the sprayer driver can fill himself and during post when there is another person available they can pre-batch the mix in the hot tank*.

The other important feature is filling the Batch tank, if it takes too long to fill the batch tank then there is no point to it. The spray chaser has been designed so it can be filled with one, two or three pumps which would bring the fill up time down to under ten minutes for an average fill time. This is an important feature when it has more than one sprayer to fill.

The combination of tanks is also another useful feature. The two five thousand litre tanks allow one to be filled with Flexi-N and the other with water during post spraying. There is a pallet area next to the hot tank so granules such as atrazine can be loaded straight into the hot tank. The same area can also take two 1000 ltr shuttles allowing the 2” outlet to gravity straight into the 150 ltr SCUD tank. Its features like these that allow the Spray chaser to fill a boom in 5 minutes. The two designated 500 ltr SCUD tanks are graduated and allow Glyphosate and Treflan to be inducted at over 200 l/min with the flick of each tap.

The Spray chaser has been designed to fit onto a 6 wheeled flat top truck but it can also be fitted onto a flat top semi-trailer and then coupled up to another tank (15,000 ltr). This set up would give the Spray chaser a 27,000 ltr capacity. The Spray chaser bolts down onto the truck tray and the forklift holes allow it to be lifted off in minutes.

The spray chaser offers a 2” or 3” pump and uses a simple well labelled plumbing layout with a pressure manifold and a suction manifold. The Spray chasers two 5000 ltr tanks have separate outlets which allows the Sprayer to be connected when filling allowing two pumps to fill at once. This feature makes the 2” system almost as fast as the 3” pump option.

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SCUD Spray Chaser