Our History

First prototype
In March 1997, the first SCUD chemical transfer system prototype was developed. The main motivation for this was to make filling a boomspray safer from the handling of dangerous chemical and contamination. The first prototype was built on one of the local contractor's Spraymaster spray rigs that Pete was driving at the time.
First orders
The Spraymaster prototype was taken to the Dowerin Field Day in August 1998. It needed a name and Pete settled on SCUD. There was a great response from the attending farmers with over sixty SCUD units being sold in the Central Wheatbelt the following year.
Registered business
In October 1998 Time Saver Industries, or TSI Beacon was set up and registered as the business quickly grew.
Partnership with Sonic
In early 1999, Sonic Boomsprays were interested in introducing the SCUD chemical transfer system as an optional extra on their booms. A partnership was formed and SCUD was invited to join Sonic on their sites at the Dowerin, Newdegate and Mingenew field days.
Distributor deal
An Eastern States company agreed to distribute the SCUD throughout Australia and by January 2000 the SCUD was available to farmers and contractors across the country.
Standalone SCUD
The first standalone SCUD 350 Mixer was built in mid-2000. This was taken and demonstrated to winemakers and groundskeepers in the South West of WA.
Adaption for John Deere
The SCUD system was first adapted to suit a John Deere self-propelled sprayer mid-way through 2007. This was a popular add-on, prompting similar SCUD systems to be adapted for Case, Nitro and Rogator as well.
The Groundsman arrives
In April of 2010, The Groundsman chemical transfer system was developed for the horticultural and viticulture markets. One of the first machines went to an orange orchard where they needed to mix a waxy product with water and spray it onto the oranges. The Groundsman was the only machine they had found that could do the job.
Spray Chaser is born
In 2015, a local farmer approached Pete to build him a nurse tank set up on his six-wheeler truck. Pete then developed and built the SCUD Spray Chaser.
Another idea comes to life
Pete was approached by Syngenta to supply a seed dressing machine that they could loan to farmers. Pete developed the SCUD Pickling Pot 60L skid mount. They purchased 15 of these machines and distributed them all over Australia. Pete then improved the design, developing 100L and 150L mounted trolley versions.
Further development
From 2016-2021, more dealerships started to supply and fit the SCUD systems around Australia. Pete continued to build and improve the range of SCUD products to meet client demand, all while still working as a contract sprayer.
Shift to SCUD Ag
By the end of 2021, Pete had finished contract spraying and was focused on promoting and building the SCUD range full-time. TSI Beacon rebranded changing their name to SCUD Ag.
Interstate exhibit
in June 2022, SCUD Ag travelled to Melbourne to exhibit at the ASTMA Trade Exhibition to gain exposure in the Australian turf industry, showcasing the Groundsman and 350 Mixer for use in schools, golf courses, turf farms and race tracks.
Distribution partnership
In July 2022 following the ASTMA Trade Exhibition, SCUD partnered with the team at David Golf in Clayton, Victoria as a distributor for the Groundsman and 350 Mixer.
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