The first industry outside of broad acre agriculture that the SCUD’s were introduced to were the wineries. What proved to be a tough market to get into, we identified that this industry desperately needed a new way of doing things as they were still climbing onto the sprayer to fill it.

The first system I introduced was a SCUD 350 Mixer, which performed well but didn’t really take off. A few years later we introduced the Groundsman, which seemed to suit the small filling setups that were scattered around the vineyards. The Groundsman’s mobility meant it could be moved in and out of the chemical shed as it was needed or moved from one filling point to another. As these wineries evolve and look to build purpose-built chemical filling stations, the Groundsman and SCUD 350 Mixer introduced quick clean chemical transfer while maximising operator safety.

Some of these features are;

  • Introducing camlocks and dry break couplings which leave the floor dry after filling.
  • Closed chemical transfer
  • Transfer of liquid products from IBCs at speeds of 200L/min (no more lifting IBCs above sprayers)
  • The SCUD uses a unique “waterfold” mixing action which gives it massive granule mixing capacity.
  • A built-in drum washer that lets you clean out drums as you go transferring all rinse water into the sprayer, which is also good for the environment.


The feedback we get from those using our systems, notably Vasse Felix Winery and Devil’s Lair Winery, is that the SCUD introduces a clean and efficient chemical filling system that is simple to use and makes the job safe.


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