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Local Government

The local government sector is one of the more challenging sectors to be introducing chemical transfer systems, mainly because the person who knows what he wants isn’t the one who makes the decision on what they get. We are attempting to change this through education and demonstrations on how our system works and how it can improve efficiency when filling sprayers, making the job safer for all.

One of the big advantages of the Groundsman in this space is that a trained operator can fill a sprayer with liquid or granule product and leave the floor area dry. This is a huge safety feature and greatly reduces the risk of contamination. I was able to demonstrate this at Randwick Council in Sydney where I filled one of their sprayers using the Groundsman. With its camlock fittings, it filled the unit without any spillage leaving the floor dry.

Some of these features are;

  • Introducing camlocks and dry break couplings which leave the floor dry after filling.
  • Closed chemical transfer
  • Transfer of liquid products from IBCs at speeds of 200L/min (no more lifting IBCs above sprayers)
  • The SCUD uses a unique “waterfold” mixing action which gives it massive granule mixing capacity.
  • A built-in drum washer that lets you clean out drums as you go, transferring all rinse water into the sprayer which is also good for the environment.


The feedback we get from those using our systems, notably the Bayswater Council in Perth, is that the SCUD was the only machine that could mix iron sulphate without having to smash it up with a hammer before they put it in the machine.

local government

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