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The SCUD system was first developed for the agricultural industry to help improve the safety and efficiency of filling a boom spray.

What I noticed when I started introducing the SCUD into other industries was that the broadacre sector was years ahead in terms of technology and years ahead in terms of efficiency speed and safety. I think this is because the broadacre farmers of Western Australia farm on some of the poorest agricultural land in the world. This forces them to be cutting edge, always looking to do things better and more efficiently.

The SCUD Mixers have become very popular in recent years because they can handle large amounts of granules and induct liquid chemical at speeds of up to 300L/min. This feature allows the sprayer operator to fill himself in the same time as it would take for someone to batch for them. Our mission is to keep the SCUD systems as simple and safe as possible, meaning anyone can use it and it’s easy to clean out for product change over.

The SCUD Systems can be tailored to your specific boom and we have designs for all major brands.

Some of these features are;

  • Introducing camlocks and dry break couplings which leave the floor dry after filling.
  • Closed chemical transfer
  • Transfer of liquid products from IBCs at speeds of 300L/min
  • The SCUD uses a unique “waterfold” mixing action which gives it massive granule mixing capacity.
  • A built-in drum washer that lets you clean out drums as you go transferring all rinse water into the sprayer, which is also good for the environment.


The feedback we get from those using our systems is that they are easy to use, easy to clean out and have improved the speed of filling while maintaining a high level of safety.

Agriculture view

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