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Commercial Golf

When choosing a chemical/fertiliser handling system, it’s imperative that all your requirements are covered. It’s also important that your system is cost-effective and allows you to buy the products that work best for you, whether they are liquid, granules or powder. The SCUD Groundsman encompasses all of these qualities and most importantly, introduces a chemical handling system that you can build into your workplace. By introducing a clean, neat and organised environment, operators will naturally take to a system where they can see the benefit of improved efficiency and safety.

The SCUD 350 Mixer has adapted itself nicely into the Commercial Golf sector, bringing all the smart features of the Groundsman but with a bigger capacity. The skid mounts lend it to be mounted in one place and have the system built around it. Some of the bigger golf courses are building drive-through chemical loading bays and the SCUD 350 Mixer is the perfect partner in this scenario.

Some of these features are;

  • Introducing camlocks and dry break couplings which leave the floor dry after filling.
  • Closed chemical transfer
  • Transfer of liquid products from IBCs at speeds of 200L/min (no more lifting IBCs above sprayers)
  • The SCUD uses a unique “waterfold” mixing action which gives it massive granule mixing capacity.
  • A built-in drum washer that lets you clean out drums as you go, transferring all rinse water into the sprayer which is also good for the environment.


The feedback we get from those using our systems, notably the Australian Golf Club and Royal Sydney Golf Club is that the SCUD introduces a system that gets everyone on the same page about how the job is done.

industries overview

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