The benefits of mobile chemical mixing equipment

Now more than ever, there is a focus on safety in the workplace.  Minimising risks to staff, equipment, and the local community, while remaining efficient are key priorities for works managers across Australia.  While traditionally a dangerous job, mixing chemicals for your grounds doesn’t have to be put in the too hard basket.  We’ve heard countless stories of people mixing granular fertilisers and chemicals in jugs with hot water and power drills, and we all know how taxing it can be to lift heavy containers onto the back of utes and trucks all day.  But it doesn’t have to be that way.

We’re continually looking for ways to make your job safer and more efficient and developing the Groundsman was the next logical step for us in this pursuit.  The Groundsman is a mobile chemical mixing and transferring system that can mix even the toughest of granular chemicals and fertilisers in a fraction of the time, mixing within a plastic tank saves the time of mixing in a separate container and then having to add to your mix and keep mixing.

The added benefit of being able to move from oval to oval, playground to playground, means you can mix your chemical and fertiliser without having to trek back to the shed or lug multiple systems around.  Keeping everything in a closed system means that no one, operator or passer-by, is going to be exposed to what you are mixing and putting into your spray tank.  Once mixed everything is transferred into your spray tank without a drop being left on the ground, and there’s nothing for you to walk through and then contaminate the inside of your spray vehicle.

With only one operator and the ability to be left mixing your next batch of chemicals and fertiliser while spraying your current tank, you’re saving plenty of time each spray application.  With the ability to draw directly from an IBC or Envirodrum, you can purchase your liquid chemicals and fertilisers in larger quantities.  Think how much cheaper it is to buy per litre in a 1000L shuttle than it is in 20L drums.  The Groundsman will make your operation safer as everything can be done at ground level, it eliminates staff having to climb onto the sprayer while filling, which ticks all the OH&S boxes.

You can learn more about our Groundsman by clicking here.

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