350 Mixer

The SCUD 350 Mixer is a self-contained skid-mounted chemical mixing station with a 20L drum rinser and a huge granule mixing capacity.  Its simple plumbing makes it easy to clean out and use. It can also fill a 3000L sprayer in under 10 minutes.

This Mixer will keep your staff safe, as all chemical handling is performed internally, therefore eliminating the chances of chemical spillage leading to injury.

The SCUD 350 Mixer uses 3-way ball valves on the inlet and outlet.  This allows the SCUD to self fill then mix the product thoroughly before being discharged, making it ideal for inline product induction for reticulation. It also has the capacity to mix in a closed system so the SCUD can be left mixing the next chemical batch while you’re spraying.

Each Mixer is equipped with an internal chemical drum rinser, where drums up to 20 liters are washed out after use. The rinsed water is transferred into your sprayer which saves time on your fill and prevents damage to the environment from chemical leaks and spillage.

Adding the SCUD Pump Kit to the SCUD Mixer takes you to the next level in chemical transfer.  The chemical pump and micro-matic fittings allow for the use of envirodrums. The 110L re-useable drums and 1000L shuttles allow for the chemical to be transferred and measured in a closed system eliminating chemical fumes and splash.  These drums can be reused up to seven times per drum,  reducing the amount of drums that go into landfill.

The waterfold granule mixer is adjustable which allows the operator optimal mixing for each particular product.  The 3-way tap on the agitator allows the operator to set it so all the product comes out of either of the jets. Setting the flow to the bottom jet will reduce foaming when mixing products that tend to foam.

The third 3-way tap on the SCUD Mixer is a tee port tap which is the tank drain in the middle position when the pump is off.  This is also a point where 1000L IBC’s can be connected, allowing chemical to be inducted at speeds of up to 300L/min.

This machine’s secret to success is its pump. At 750L/min, even the most stubborn granules (ferrous sulphate) will be gone in seconds. The open impeller pump prevents blockages and allows all types of granules and liquids to be mixed.

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