Pickling Pot

The SCUD Pickling Pot is a simple self-contained seed dressing unit, designed to take the hassle out of seed dressing.

It’s been designed to be used in conjunction with an auger, which will mix the product into the seed as it travels up the auger.

The Pickling Pot uses a 12volt pump and in the skid-mount version has a place to mount a battery or the 8m lead will reach to a ute or auger battery. The SCUD pickling pot comes with a spray bar to meter the product into the auger. The spray bar uses pressure through an orifice plate to set the rate. It comes with four plates: 2mm, 3mm, 4mm and 5mm.

The spray bar is made from a tee-jet nozzle body so there are a range of readily available jets, if that’s what you prefer. The simple plumbing using 3-way ball valves allows the whole system to be flushed out while leaving product in the SCUD tank.

The ¾ male cam-lock on the bottom of the SCUD tank allows a suction probe to be attached (not included) which will allow the Pickling Pot to self-fill from any type of drum including 110L Enviro-drums and 1000L shuttles. This means no pouring of chemicals!

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