SCUD Innoculator - Seed Dressing Machine

Give yourself some flexibility!
Don’t dress your seed until you need it.

The Innoculator Features:

  • 100 Ltr calibrated tank
  • The revolutionary “Waterfold” adjustable mixing action
  • Honda 4 stroke engine / pump or 240 volt motor / pump
  • Variable discharge ball valve
  • On / Off ball valve
  • 4m discharge hose
  • Easy to clean out for product change over
  • Light weight and easy to lift (approx 25 kgs)
  • Spray bar applicator

Download The Innoculator Flyer

The Innoculator is a self contained seed dressing unit, designed to take the hassle out of seed dressing. It has been designed to be used in conjunction with an auger, which will mix the product into the grain as it travels up the auger.

In tests held by the Kondinin Group in 2002, the Innoculator achieved a 92% seed coverage rate, one of the highest of all the machines tested.

The Innoculator seed dressing machine uses the same waterfold mixing action as its cousin the SCUD. It can out-mix any rival and along with its spraybar, can deliver any flow rate from 1 l/min up to 20 l/min into the auger barrel through and orifice plate, using pressure to regulate flow. This machine has superseded the pickle pot, which is no longer available.

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SCUD Innoculator Seed Dressing Machine